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Ohio takes a strong stance against those who have been accused of DUI or OVI. In fact, you do not even have to be actively driving the vehicle to be charged with OVI. If it can be inferred that you did at some point drive the vehicle while impaired, you could still be facing charges.

Once charged, you will have to fight for your side of the story to be heard. At Bailey Legal Group, our Sandusky DUI attorneys have a proven history of success. We will go the extra mile to give our clients the chance at the best possible outcome, whether through hiring experts to take a second look at the evidence, or even hiring an independent examination group.

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Penalties for a First Offense OVI/DUI in Ohio

In most cases, an OVI is categorized as a first offense if there is no previous OVI on your record for the past ten years. Although it is a first offense, the penalties can seriously set you back financially and look bad for your chances at employment, housing, and other vital areas of life.

These penalties may vary due to the degree of intoxication:

These penalties only increase for consecutive charges.

See the full DUI penalty chart here.

Can I Be Charged with DUI/OVI If I Passed the Field Sobriety Tests?

The Field Sobriety Tests have come under much fire in recent years for not being an accurate measure of an individual’s impairment. However, in many cases, these tests are the basis for an arrest and subsequent charges. Even if you think you passed the tests, police officers are looking for tiny, involuntary behaviors that could indicate impairment and you could still be charged.

Read about what to do when pulled over for a DUI here.

How Long Does a DUI or OVI Stay on Your Record?

Unfortunately, these offenses are ineligible for expungement from your record and the conviction will remain there permanently. In addition, you will accrue 6 points from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles that will remain on your license for about two years. That is why it is so important to fight your charges as soon as possible!

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At Bailey Legal Group, we are a dependable resource for those who find themselves facing charges. We have been able to get charges reduced or dismissed for many of our clients and are proud to maintain a reputation of excellence and trust in the community.

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