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What is my personal injury case worth?

What is my personal injury case worth?

Insurance companies and law firms tend to have different methods for evaluating claims.  Insurance companies may attempt to dilute the value of your claim and only with the assistance of experienced counsel can you achieve the full value of your claim.  The value of any injury case is what it takes to get you back to the way your life was before the accident -- it's the gestalt of the damage you have suffered.

Here are some of the elements that factor into valuing your claim:

Property Damage.  Can I get my property replaced?  Yes.  Perhaps your automobile or motorcycle was damaged or totaled in an accident.  You should be restored to the position you were before the accident, whether that means repair or replacement of your property.  

Ambulance Squad Transportation.  Will an insurance company pay for my ambulance trip?  Yes.  Emergency transportation should be paid for by the insurance of the individual causing your injury.

Medical Bills.  Will the insurance company pay my medical bills?  Yes.  Medical bills for the treatment of your injuries, which were caused by the accident, should always be covered up to the reasonable value of those medical services.  This includes the follow-up appointments with your primary care physician.  Your health is the priority, and you should not worry about the costs of your medical bills.  Follow your physician's recommendations for testing and diagnosis, treatment and therapy. *

Lost Income.  Can I be compensated for the time I missed from work?  Yes.  Your lost wages are part of your damages. Had you not been injured, you would have been paid for working those hours.  You should still receive that pay.

Physical Therapy / Chiropractor.  If I saw a chiropractor or physical therapist, can I be repaid for those bills?  Yes.  Those bills are part of your medical treatment.  Your chiropractor or physical therapist is the best suited person to make the assessment as to when your treatment is complete.

Permanent Injury.  I lost use of my leg in an accident, how is that valued?  The loss of a limb is generally one of the more extreme injuries an individual can suffer.  There are other injuries that can be permanent as the result of an accident.

Pain & Suffering.  Yes, you should be compensated for pain and suffering.  A traumatic accident can cause anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and other emotional suffering.  We have experience where client's of ours were completely incapable of driving -- not because of a physical injury, but because of an emotional injury.  Further, you may have an inability to engage in traditional hobbies or family activities.

Loss of Consortium.  My spouse wasn't in the vehicle, do they have a claim?  Yes.  Your spouse will likely have to compensate for your unavailability to maintain your family home, pickup children, and maintain the marital relationship.  There is value to this claim, and it needs to be calculated into the damages of your claim.

* Insurance companies will reduce the value of any medical bill to what they classify as the reasonable value of medical services based upon any discounts or offsets provided by 


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